Accelerating Business Xpo 2019 is an extensive technology platform for Indian Small & Medium Entrepreneurs to Indentify & Leverage Business Critical Information, Cloud Technology Solutions & Tools, Expert Advice and Best Practices to increase efficiency, productivity and enable Sustainable Growth of the business.
Objective is to share best practices and upgrade and update processes and systems being used in Small & Medium Enterprises thereby increasing efficiency, enhancing productivity and attaining critical sustainable business output for investors, employees and customers alike.


Entrepreneurs having a running business with more than 15 and less than 200 employees for at least 3 years.

Sectors : Cosmetics, FMCG, Food & Packaging, Healthcare, Engineering, Electronics & Automotive, Garments, Textiles & Leather Goods, Industrial Machinery, Biotechnology, Pharma & Herbal, Cement, Metals & Rubber, Plastics, Agri-Implements & Machinery, Chemicals & Dyes, Furniture & Furnishings, Housekeeping & Resourcing, Printing & Publishing, Entertainment & Media, BPO, IT & ITES, Tourism, Hospitality & Wellness.


Each workshop is for one hour and will be delivered by Experts & Business Gurus with the active participation of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs from the City.

Lions Den

Entrepreneurs registered for this unique face to face opportunity will get 5 minutes based on a draw of lots to ask the mentors questions about their business. The mentors will talk about opportunities, possibilities, survival strategies, trends, threats, gut feel, evaluation, business model, growth strategy of the entrepreneur and also exchange contacts if they feel like.


Mr. Prahlad Kakar

Chairman, India SME Forum

Prahlad Kakar founded Genesis Film Production Pvt. Ltd. in 1977 and virtually re invented regional television advertising, after having assisted Shyam Benegal, one of India’s most renowned filmmakers. “To tell a story in 30 seconds in the most engaging way possible” remains Prahlad’s raison d’etre for remaining passionate about ad filmmaking even 30 years later. Prahlad mentors several SMEs in their growth cycle.

Dr. J. S. Juneja

Vice Chairman, India SME Forum

Dr. J. S. Juneja, having led National Small Industries Corporation for 19 years as its CMD, has experience in the public & private sector managements and worked diligently for SME development, policy formulation & advocacy, institutional capacity building & restructuring, entrepreneurship development for over three decades. Promoting investments and JVs from India to other countries of Asia, Africa, Mauritius and Botswana. He is VP of WUSME, Chairman of SME Committee & past President of AIMA and Vice Chairman of India SME Forum. Dr. Juneja has recently authored 'SMEs in Asian Region- Harnessing the Growth Potential' and 'Policy Guidebook for SME Development in Asia and the Pacific' edited and published by United Nation ESCAP.

Mr. Vinod Kumar

President, India SME Forum

Mr. Vinod Kumar leads the SDRC team in Risk Profiling, Assessing Growth Potential and deciding on Investment for Seed and Venture Financing to MSMEs in innovative and disruptive technologies and has invested in over 30 SMEs. He also leads extensive research and analysis of linkages, growth potential and market factors of SMEs involved in over 29 clusters across 11 Sectors including Food Processing, Dairy, Leather, Pharma, Engineering and Automotive in over 19 Indian states. He passionately addresses and conducts workshops, motivational seminars and leadership sessions for SMEs and currently serves as Honorary President at India SME Forum, apart from advising various Government agencies and institutions to strategize and deal with current issues and future challenges.

Mr. Ravinder Bhan

Member of the Board, India SME Forum & Business Coach

Internationally experienced Business Coach and Trainer, Mr. Bhan has contributed to Growth and Value for many small businesses from India, Europe and Middle East. Extensively experienced in Strategic Marketing, Change Management, Human Capital, Finance, Supply Chain, Project Management and Manufacturing process. Ravinder is an effective Team Builder, Trainer and mentor with a passion to bring out the best in people. An Aggressive Initiative leader for making quick, and yet seamless transformation from ‘business as usual ‘to "business that matters" bringing enhanced value to all stake holders.

Mr. Nitin Wali

Regional Director, Neustar, Inc.

Nitin is Regional Director of Neustar, an american technology company that is currently handling the domain dot in. Extremely passionate about creating meaningful impact on businesses through technology, Nitin is on a mission to help businesses drive Digital Transformation using the power of the internet leveraging his 2 decades in the tech industry working with leaders like Oracle, IBM, Intel and Verisign. He is extremely keen to talk to anyone with a good business idea and is presently spending time on penning his thoughts on the secret sauce for fostering a culture of innovation & trust in organizations.

Ms. Sushma Morthania

Director General, India SME Forum

Sushma passionately works for Small and Medium Entrepreneurs as the Founder Director General at the India SME Forum, apart from advising various government agencies and institutions to strategize and deal with current issues and future challenges. Apart from day to day overseeing and leading extensive research and analysis of linkages, growth potential and market factors of MSMEs involved in over 29 clusters across 11 Sectors. She was appointed in Jan 2015, to the National Board of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, India's apex body for MSMEs by the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. She also represents India on the B20 China SME Taskforce and is also Member of the Permanent Commission On Social Issues and Women Entrepreneurship for World Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (WUSME).

Solutions Hall

Showcase of Cloud & Mobility Apps & Solution providers, DIY Providers, Bankers, Business Solutions Companies etc. to boost technical capability and efficiency of MSMEs.

Speed Networking

Three Exciting Sectoral Sessions of 1 hour each where all registered & verified entrepreneurs registered for B2B Networking will meet other Entrepreneurs from their city, to make acquaintances, exchange contacts and figure out how you could mutually benefit, all in 5 minutes at each table. Serves as a great introducer for aligning business possibilities, between business persons.

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